Nashville Skyline Photo Credit:  Heather Leroy

Nashville Skyline Photo Credit: Heather Leroy

Who we become depends on the lies we tell.

Traveling through Sicily

Sally Schloss moved from New York to Nashville years before it became the “It” city.  Her debut novel, Traveling Through Sicily, is set in Nashville’s little-known, alternative youth culture of the early 1990s. It’s a cautionary tale about mistaking being smart for actually knowing anything, especially when it comes to the risky business of sex and love.

Sicily, a charismatic beauty, sees men as low-hanging fruit, ripe for the plucking. Peter, a self-educated country boy, seduced by Sicily, finds her attention intoxicating, yet also a trigger for his own insecurities and paranoia. 

His skeptical friend, Remy, sees through Sicily’s femme fatale persona. Feeling abandoned by Peter, she doesn’t resist Sicily’s efforts to become her new best friend. As Remy draws closer to this woman she doesn’t trust, she finds herself on the receiving end of Sicily’s shocking confidences. Caught in the middle, performing as both Peter's and Sicily’s confidante, she discovers there are many versions of Sicily—all of them contradictory and disturbing. But who doesn’t have secrets to keep—even from themselves?


Selection of work


Traveling through Sicily


A journey of identity for two best friends who think they know each other. Then a woman, named Sicily, enters their lives and they discover they don’t even know themselves. View work 


The Love of My Life?


A twisted coming-of-age novel, within the novel, Traveling through Sicily, written by Sicily about an affair at thirteen with an eighty-year-old artist, and the lessons learned about sexual power.  View work 

The Goose Girl


A sixteen-year-old goose girl is left behind in Russia when her family flees. A man in America sees her picture and wants to marry her—except she’s already in love.  View work 

The Heart is a Pump


A woman is receiving frightening phone calls from a stranger. Alone in her apartment she spends the night obsessing over her angry caller, dead father, and absent boyfriend as the phone continues to ring.  View work 


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